Pumpkin Party – FarmVille 2: Country Escape Guide

It’s the month of Halloween and parties have started all around the town.Joy loves to party and she wants to build up a Grand Party Mansion where she could throw the best parties in town. Joy needs your help to fulfill orderboard tasks, collect party supplies, and make her parties ‘Legendary’. She is going to throw a new themed party each week, so each day will be a new challenge. Help her build up her Party Mansion and win amazing themed rewards at the same time!Once you are done planning the party for the week, don’t leave! There is always time for an After Party every day!When can I start playing the Pumpkin Party?Pumpkin Party is an exclusive feature in the newest farm – Spookstown Soiree. The earliest time that you can participate is when you get Early Access once it goes live on October 19, .Simply click on a Globe button in the upper right corner of your Home Farm’s screen, then hit the ‘Travel’ button to go to the Spookstown Soiree.What benefits does Early Access give?Early Access is bigger and better this time! Why? Because, not only are we giving 50 Spooky Party Hat away, we’re also giving you a pre-filled part of the Party Meter for the entire duration of the Early Access! This simply means that you will start your meters, not on Sparse but on the Adequate milestone! Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity now!

  • 3 Exclusive Crops
  • Bonus Costume
  • Bonus Combine
  • Bonus Animal
  • Free Fuel
  • Entire Week of Free Power-Ups
  • Free Starter Pack

Early Access Free Starter PackOnce the Pumpkin Party goes live on October 19, you can purchase the Early Access using your Farm Cash. Here’s how your Free Starter Pack will look like in your Gift Box.

  • 400 Points
  • 18 Pumpkin Towerette Parts
  • 32 Treasure Parts
  • 1 Painted Pumpkin Tree
  • 1 Harvest Glow Cat
  • 1 Jack O Lantern House

How can I access the Pumpkin Party feature?In the Spookstown Soiree farm, you can access the Pumpkin Party feature by clicking on Joy at the lower portion of the screen.Alternatively, you can access the feature by clicking the Abandoned Plot inside the game board.Note: Early Access will only be available for 7 days. Be sure to buy Early Access on the first day to maximize the rewards you can get!How do I play?Your objective is to finish orderboard tasks and collect Party Supplies to fill your Party Meter. Your Daily Supply Meter points for 1 week will then be added and used to compete against others in a Weekly Leaderboard.The Party Meter streak is divided into four zones:

  • Boring
  • Okay
  • Awesome
  • Legend

Maintain your party meter streak in the Legendary Zone every week to get the best rewards and to level up the Abandoned Plot.Once upgraded, your Party Abode becomes harvestable. Maintain a Legend Rating on your Meter every week to upgrade the Decorated Halloween Hut further and get better havestable rewards!Note: Upgrade your Party Abode into the Spooky Celebration House to start harvesting it for rewards everyday.What is a Spooky Party Hat and how do I earn more?Spooky Party Hats are consumables specially made for the Pumpkin Party. They are used to unlock advanced milestones and move ahead on the Daily Supply Meter. There are different ways on how to get them.

  • Ask
  • Craft
  • Buy
  • Unlock tiles in Spookstown Soiree (30 Spooky Party Hat per tile)

How do I fill the Party Meter?You can fill your Party Meter by completing various tasks listed on the Board.Each task has a corresponding number of point/s which are then added to your Daily Supply Meter once completed.To earn Escape Tokens, you need to travel to Tropic Escape and complete the tasks from there.These Tokens are used to activate the 2X Boost that will double your Party Supplies.Collect as many Escape Tokens as you can to double your points and win Land Expansions for free!During General Access, the first milestone will be at the 20 point mark, where you will be required to exchange 5 Spooky Party Hats to unlock the next milestone.Every time a New Day begins, your Party Meter will automatically be at the Adequate milestone after clicking ‘Start Now’. This is only valid for the entire duration of the early access.During Early Access, once you reach your 40 point mark, you will be asked to exchange 10 of your Spooky Party Hats to unlock the next milestone. The Pumpkin Party event presents you with a Party Meter, which is divided into 3 milestones:

  • Sparse
  • Adequate
  • Abundant

How can I see my progress?You can check what your current Party Meter streak on the graph located below the orderboard. Here are the average number of points required for each Milestone:

  • Boring– 0-15 Points
  • Okay– 16-35 Points
  • Awesome– 36-59 Points
  • Legend– 60-70 Points

Hover the ratings to check the rewards for the week.Your weekly Party rating is color coded so you can easily identify the zone you have reached for the week.What are Daily Milestone Rewards?Each Daily Supply Meter will have 3 milestone tiers – Sparse, Adequate, and Abundant. Simply hover in each milestone to check the daily rewards.The Sparse milestone rewards will consist of global consumables like Unwither, Super Fertilizer, Insta Grow, etc.The Adequate milestone rewards will consist of expansion consumables like Big Buildable and Treasure parts.The Abundant milestone rewards can be of 2 kinds:

  • Animal
  • Decoration Item

How can I participate in a Weekly Leaderboard?After filling up your Daily Party Meter, you can still continue earning points from the orderboard tasks. Your succeeding points will be added to your Leaderboard score.Your weekly rewards will depend on your current standing from the Leaderboard, so collect as many points as you can!Click ‘View Rewards‘ to check the Top 3 rewards for the week. If you want to check your most recent score, simply click the ‘Refresh‘ button.How will I upgrade my Party Abode?Every week that you manage to keep the Party Meter in the Legendary Zone, your Party Abode will be upgraded.Starting from Spooky Celebration House, you will be able to harvest daily rewards from your Party Abode. As you upgrade, greater rewards will be available for you to harvest.Here are the five Party Abode Upgrades:Abandoned PlotDecorated Halloween HutSpooky Celebration HousePumpkin BunglowGrand Party Mansion


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