Last Day on Earth: Survival – Season 12: Delivery

It is time to once again unite the scattered humanity with a network of couriers and deliveries! "Genesis", the mobile base, has appeared on the global map, where both new survivors and new adventures are waiting for you. Three inhabitants of the base, K, Chris and Jane, disappeared without a trace, now it’s up to you to find them. But without the title of a well-known courier, no one intends to help you in the investigation, alas. You can start your investigation right away by approaching Jake at the base.Aaand you’ll definitely need to use your legs with this one :)What is required for a successful delivery? Solid boxes, their contents (the cargo itself) and destination. Franklin can give you boxes, but not for free – in exchange for stripesStripes can be obtained by killing zombies. The more dangerous the enemy, the more stripes you receive. The delivery terminal (which will be discussed here later) has some other options for using these objects.We got hold of the box, but what about its cargo? You can now find resources suitable for delivery at any location in the game. To the right of Franklin there is a device where you can look at what you need (by clicking on the "Recipes" tab), and also pack the resources you have already found into a container. The cargo is found and packed, now all that remains is to deliver it. There is another tool to the north of the base, the delivery terminal, where you can finally start your courier career. Select one of the contracts, then, in the next menu, add the amount of cargo (the more boxes – the bigger the reward) by clicking on the image of the container (filled!) that you have. Such deliveries occur automatically, by other couriers, but when your assistants come across something extraordinary or across some obstacle, the couriers may ask you for advice. Proceed with caution, there is a chance of both getting additional rewards and losing the entire cargo.That's all, making deliveries of a particular group (you can see which group this or that missing character belongs to in the Premium menu, on the "Investigation" tab) you’ll receive new events that will require your personal visit. In order to get these events, you’ll need to approach Jake at the base over and over again. Also during the season it will be possible to make a special delivery with special cargo (yes, we haven't forgotten about Halloween!). Good luck with building "bridges" between people in the post-apocalyptic world!

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