Yahtzee With Buddies Guide – 8.0 Patch Notes (Tournament Seasons Test phase )

Some players are still going to have the old tournaments while we test the new Tournament Seasons. If you are one of these lucky players these are the things that are coming your way. Your tournaments will be the same but we have added a seasonal component to make it a little more exciting. What do seasons Mean? Seasons will be a time period where players will have a competitive ladder to win exclusive rewards. We removed demotion from Tournaments and now you can only go up and get the promotion rewards. Also if you reach the highest league and manage to stay there and reach the promotion goal you can earn multiple times the maximum reward. What happened to my old rewards?In recognition of your progress in the old tournament leagues, we are giving out higher rewards in tournaments based on your league in old tournaments. If you qualified for higher rewards, you should get a message in the game letting you know. If you’re not sure whether you qualified, please reach out to us. Enjoy your head start!What will change from season to season?Each season will have different exclusive rewards along the way, and you will have to climb to reach the top. Every season will have a different theme, this will mean that all the rewards will be unique So, what’s special about these Tournaments?When you play in tournament seasons you will unlock a new machine full of new rewards, THE JACKPOT DROP. What is Jackpot Drop? It’s a brand new way to win huge rewards for your tournaments efforts. How do I play Jackpot drop? You will get jackpot drop balls from the tournament rewards. Is there a maximum of Jackpot balls that I can have?Yes, there is a maximum of Jackpot balls that you can have in your inventory, so you have to use them along the way. What happens if I reach the maximum number of Jackpot balls and win a reward?If your Jackpot Ball meter is at MAX and you finalize a tournament that pays Jackpot Balls you will lose them, so make sure to have some empty room. Why would I like to promote from one league to another? Each league has an exclusive Jackpot Drop Machine that has different and improved rewards. When do I promote? Promotion will be at the end of the week if you reach the threshold to make it to the next league. What happens if I don’t get enough points?You will stay in that league. Which game modes will I be able to play? All the game modes that you already love will be in tournament seasons (Waky, Bingo, Stars, etc) What happened to win multipliers?Winning a tournament game has always given a 2x points win multiplier. Now you have the opportunity to activate an even bigger points booster when starting a new game! Check your tournaments lobby to see if you were lucky to get early access to boosters. If not – hold tight, your turn will arrive soon.If I don’t have boosters, will I play against players who do?To maintain fairness, players who are getting the tournament boosters will not be matched against players who don’t. If you suspect you were in an unfair tournament, please let us know and we’ll look into it. How much does it cost to turn on the boosters?A variable amount of bonus rolls, but you will have to WIN this game in order to get the multiplier effect. You can also get a free win bonus from watching a video or from subscribing to prize pass.


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