FarmVille – Wreath Festival

Farmers from all over the world have come for the Wreath Making competition. They have to run errands on the farm to make Wreaths. The farmers with the most number of Wreaths will rise up in Leaderboard ranks to win the competition and the best possible rewards.What is the Wreath Festival?Wreath Festival is a Leaderboard event wherein you will take part in filling in the daily meter and win amazing rewards.When can I start playing the Wreath Festival?Wreath Festival is an exclusive feature in the newest farm – Lakeside Yuletide. The earliest time that you can participate is when you get Early Access once it goes live on November 30, .To get to the Lakeside Yuletide farm, simply click on a Globe button in the upper right corner of your Home Farm’s screen, then hit the ‘Travel’ button.What benefits does Early Access give?Getting Early Access for the Wreath Festival will give you lots of advantages! During the whole week of Early Access, you will have a full Expert meter. You will also be starting in the Silver League and you will receive 40 Wreath Bows.

  • 3 Exclusive Crops
  • Bonus Costume
  • Bonus Combine
  • Bonus Animal
  • Free Fuel
  • Entire Week of Free Power-Ups
  • Free Starter Pack

Early Access Free Starter PackOnce the Wreath Festival goes live on November 30, you can purchase the Early Access using your Farm Cash. Here’s how your Free Starter Pack will look like in your Gift Box.

  • 400 Points
  • 18 Yuletide Market Parts
  • 32 Treasure Parts
  • 1 Xmas Ornament Tree
  • 1 Santa Dress Duck
  • 1 Austrian Villa

How can I access the Wreath Festival feature?When you are in the Lakeside Yuletide farm, you can access the Wreath Festival feature by clicking on its icon at the lower portion of the screen.Note: Early Access will only be available for 7 days. Be sure to buy Early Access on the first day to maximize the rewards you can get!How do I play?Complete all the tasks shown on the Task Board to earn Wreath Bows. Click on the Plant, and Craft buttons to fulfill these tasks. If you want to get ahead of the game, you can purchase it using your Farm Cash. Each task in the Task Board gives out a different number of Wreath Bows.The Wreath Bows you earned will be used to fill up your Daily Meter.Your Daily Meter points for 1 week will then be added and used to compete against others in a Weekly Leaderboard.Stay in the Top 15 rank in the Weekly Leaderboard to move up the Leagues. Getting to a bigger League will give you better rewards!Can I choose which among the tasks I can complete?Yes. There will be 4 tasks that you can choose from. You can start completing the task that gives out more Wreath Bows or you can replace a task that you do not want to complete by clicking the Trash button. The replacement task will appear after 15 minutes.What is a Wreath Bow and how do I earn more?Wreath Bows are consumables specially made for the Wreath Festival. They are used to unlock advanced milestones and move ahead on the Daily Supply Meter. There are different ways on how to get them.

  • Ask
  • Craft
  • Buy
  • Unlock tiles in Lakeside Yuletide (50 Wreath Bows per tile)

What is the Daily Meter?Your Daily Meter measures your daily progress. Your daily Average score is categorized into 3 milestones:

  • Champion
  • Professional
  • Expert

To view your Daily Meter, click the View button on the Average window at the lower left side of the Wreath Festival window.Simply hover over each milestone to check the daily rewards.You can also view your progress at the bottom of the Wreath Festival window.When the day has ended and you have reached your final milestone, your rewards will be delivered in your Gift box. You can still continue playing for the Weekly Leaderboard to hit your weekly goal.What is the Weekly Leaderboard?The points you collected for 1 week in the Daily Meter will then be added and used as a basis for your ranking in the Weekly Leaderboard. Click on the View button to see the full ranking list.The higher you rank in the Weekly Leaderboard, the more rewards that you’ll get.What are Leagues?There will be 4 Leagues in the Leaderboard: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. To cross each league, you will need to keep your rank above your current rank to avoid getting demoted. Players of each Leaderboard will compete among themselves to get promoted to the next League.There will be a weekly League reward. Keep in mind that you need to stay in the top 15 ranks to be eligible for the awards.What are the Rewards?At the end of the event, you can win one of the three Buildings depending on your final average score.Expert: Professional:Champion:


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