Help with muted sources – Flipboard guide

How do I manage muted sources?To view and manage your muted sources, visit the Muted Sources page under Settings .Manage your muted sources:1. Tap on your Profile tab2. Tap to open Settings 3. Select Muted Sources4. Select Unmute All or uncheck a specific sourceHow do I mute and manage muted sources in cannot mute a source in this case. Additionally, you cannot manage sources you muted from the mobile app in muted a source, but still see their articles in my feed:First, make sure that the source is muted. See above for managing your muted sources. If the source in question is not listed, try muting them again. Here’s how to mute a source.I muted a source, but continue to receive emails and push notifications containing their articles:The reason why you might see articles from muted sources in some emails and notifications is because some articles and magazines are curated by our Editorial team. The mute action only applies to your account at the feed-level. Your mute preferences are not considered when notifying you.


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