Matchington Mansion – Pillow Fight

Pillow fight is becoming popular in the community with the arrival of pillow master Roland! Collect feathers and make your own pillows by passing levels, and you can participate in the pillow fight. The more feathers you collect during the event, the more powerful your pillow will be and the more players you can defeat! The fight is divided into three stages: Feather Fighters, Wool Warriors, Cotton Champs. If you win the first place in the first two stages, you will receive a stage reward and advance to the next division. Finally, you can compete for the pillow fight champion in the Cotton Champs. Please note: 1. You must have completed the first 31 levels and finished the "New Mailbox" task to take part in this event 2. You must have an internet connection to download event resources 3. Only if you pass the level successfully, you will get the feather collected in this level 4. Progress from previous events is not saved 5. This event is not available at the same time as the Beach Party Event


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