Mobile Legends – Starlight Member Privileges

1. Purchase Starlight Members and obtain the Exclusive Permanent skin of this month right away. Also, the premium prize pool will be unlocked. Starlight Member Trial does NOT grant Starlight Skin nor unlock premium prize pool.

2. The premium prize pool and Starlight skin refresh at 0:00, 1st of each month (Server Time).

3. When you have purchased Starlight Members, you will get 31 days of Starlight membership privileges. Check the “Privileges” page for details.

4. When you have purchased Starlight Member or you get the privileges of Starlight Member, you can claim weekly rewards on the “Privileges” page right away. The unclaimed rewards will be sent to you by email.

5. When you have purchased Starlight Member, the exclusive Avatar Border will be unlocked for you. Check it on the Profile Page.

6. Each player obtains VIP Scores by logging in every day/spend Diamonds/partake in matches, which can be used to upgrade VIP level. An ordinary player can claim rewards in the Free prize pool while Starlight Members can claim rewards both in Free prize pool and Premium Pool. The rewards refresh at 0:00, 1st of each month (Server Time).

7. The Starlight Member is required to exchange in the Starlight Shop. Also, you can exchange for rewards only when your VIP level is MAX. Then you can use VIP Scores or VIP Gems to exchange.

8. Purchase Starlight Member Plus and unlock premium prize pool for 1 time and obtain 2000 VIP Scores right away. Meanwhile, the Starlight Skin of this month and Starlight Privileges that last for 31 days will be unlocked.

9. Purchase Starlight Member Quarter Card is equivalent to purchase or renew the Starlight Member’s monthly card 3 times.


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