Mobile Legends – Why are my diamonds negative and heroes frozen?

If your diamonds are negative, we will suspend all the heroes you paid and you will no longer be able to use these heroes nor play ranked mode. There are some situations that can lead to negative diamonds.

1. If we find that your account has acquired a large number of in-game items through bugs, we will deduct the equivalent diamonds from your account.

2. If you request a refund after you purchase diamonds or items and you have used some of those diamonds or items before the refund is processed, we will deduct the equivalent diamonds from your account to maintain justice and fairness. When such a situation occurs, your diamonds will become negative.

3. It could be that your order payment didn’t go through and the order has been automatically refunded.

If the refund issue involves Google or Apple payment, please directly contact their Customer Support.

If You Pay Via Apple:

Please log in on the Apple Support Page and select an appropriate option.

If You Pay Via Google:

Please log in on the Google Support Page  and search for information or click “Contact Us” to contact Google’s customer service via mail or phone.

If you use a different platform, please contact its corresponding Customer Support.

If you request a large refund too frequently, we reserve the right to permanently ban your gaming account. Like purchasing Diamonds via an illegal third-party website, such behavior also violates our Terms of Service .

We believe that no one wants to see their Diamonds reset to zero. However, if you violate our Terms of Service, we will have no choice but reclaim those Diamonds. If you pay money to purchase those Diamonds, then you certainly have the right to keep them. But if you choose to cancel your order, then we will have to take back those Diamonds.

Do not worry, you may still make in-game purchases to make up your negative Diamond balance, and your gaming feature will be restored back to normal if you do so.

Thank you for supporting Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service


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