Last Day on Earth: Survival – What do the new food and seeds give me, and how do I get them?

New food can be obtained from Mu Lan and Elder as a reward for completing their quests. Your character will receive a temporary buff after eating festive food, in the inventory menu below your nickname (slightly to the right) you will see a green star, tap it to get access to all available bonuses and skills of your character. The skills panel has three tabs: active, passive and temporary. Buff itself can be seen under the temporary skills tab. Fish for the Elder and green tea for Mu Lan can be found at the Firework Field. From this moment, when you search the bushes in any locations, you’ll get two different types of seeds, ordinary ones and rice ones. Rice seeds can only be sown at the location with Mu Lan in order to get grown rice itself, which can then be cooked on a fire, in the same place.

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