FarmVille – My game crashes or won’t load – Android

If your game crashes, or won’t load properly please check our "first-aid" trouble-shooting tips. Make sure you’ve downloaded it from the Google Play Store. We cannot verify the safety of versions downloaded from other sites.It may be worthwhile to free up device memory by closing any unused apps running in the background. To do this, enter Settings > Apps > Downloaded, then tap on the application you’d like to stop, and choose ‘Force Stop’.Free up storage memory on your device by uninstalling apps that you no longer need. You can do this by opening the Launcher (Android’s app view), then pressing and holding the app(s) you’d like to delete. You can also free up memory by removing or transferring videos and pictures from your device. Also, make sure your version of Android is up to date by entering Settings > About, then checking for software updates.There’s a variety of Android devices out there, many with customized menus and settings. Please consult your device’s manual to make any necessary adjustments.


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