Star Trek™ Fleet Command Guide – New Ship: Franklin-A

Let’s all welcome the Swarm’s biggest fear! Researchers and Engineers have joined forces and are proud to introduce you to the Franklin-A, a boosted version of our Franklin.How to obtain the Franklin-A?You’ll be able to unlock the Franklin-A by scrapping your Franklin and earning bonus materials. These materials vary and depend on the ship’s level; a maxed out Franklin will provide all blueprints needed! The Franklin-A’s function will remain the same, dealing vastly increased damage to Swarm targets! It will be also available through partial and full unlock in the Store.Number of Blueprints gained for Franklin-A after scrapping Franklin:

  • Franklin Level 41-45: 200 Franklin-A blueprints
  • Franklin Level 36-40: 150 Franklin-A blueprints
  • Franklin Level 31-35: 50 Franklin-A blueprints
  • Franklin Level 26-30: 25 Franklin-A blueprints
  • Franklin Level 25 and below: N/A

Franklin is not build yet?No worries! You can build it by simply unlocking all the milestones in the Free Battle Pass track!How to upgrade the Franklin-A?Similar to the Franklin, the Franklin-A’s required upgrade materials can be obtained via Missions. In order to receive the first Franklin-A Mission that will be distributed in the Gift tab, you’ll need to be above level 35.New introductions with the Franklin-A

  • New Swarm systems, Armadas and Hostiles
  • New Daily Goals
  • New tier of Biominerals
  • New Franklin-A Refit (providing additional damage increase against Swarm Armada targets)


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