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Here are the types of weapons in PUBG Mobile, and they each have their own characteristics.Assault Rifles (AR)- Good for mid-long range use. Uses 5.56mm or 7.62mm bulletsShot Guns (SG)- Good for short distance attackHandguns (HG) – Comes in use when you used up all your bullets for your main weapon. Sometimes it can be used to defeat an opponent using a shotgun or an AR. Sniper (SR)- Good for long distance attack- Highly affected by scope useSMG- Good for short-mid range attacks- Not much useful for long range attacksCross bow- You can give huge damage to opponents if he/she hasn’t noticed you yet.- Makes almost no sound.LMG- Can load more bullets than other weapon types.- Depending on your own preference, an LMG can be well used from all distances.