Last Day on Earth: Survival – v.1.17.11: Laboratory

It didn’t take long to conquer the laboratory; you can already start descending into the dark depths of the research complex in the port! The previous season, however, has just ended, so, please, don’t expect to have new Premium and new tasks so soon.So, you cleared the lab in Season 14 (players who missed the season, however, will still have to fight the threat ingrained on the 1st floor of the lab), but you ran into a non-working elevator. This is no longer an obstacle! Next to the laboratory, you can now charge the bioreactor, in order to do this, you’ll need various plants and mushrooms. As soon as you charge one cell, the elevator will start working.It will take you down two new floors. The main action in the update will unfold on the second floor, where you’ll first see a central hall with a terminal and entrances to four sectors: A1, A2, B1 and B2. You always start from sector A1, you just need to go to the terminal nearby. You choose a random positive perk from those offered by the game via terminal, and you also get a modifier that complicates the laboratory or make zombies there stronger. After going to the end of sector A1, you will find yourself at the entrance to sector A2 and near the new terminal, where you’ll receive two more modifiers. Dead (completely dead) zombies will drop new cards, the required amount of those will help you open a locker on the first floor of the laboratory and receive a reward, among which there may even be some new weapons!There is also a third floor in the laboratory, on which you will first need to repair the trolley, required resources can be obtained on the previous, second floor. We must warn you, however, that the new sectors of the complex are intended for heavily armed and protected players. If you’re not afraid – good luck! 😉

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