Empires & Allies – Elite Leagues FAQ

What is the Elite League?Elite League is a Seasonal Leaderboard League for players with 4000 medals or more. For the player eligible, the Commander and Supreme Commander league is replaced with the Elite League for a Season lasting 24 weeks.Elite Leagues is the next progression level to the PvP medal leaderboards, where players compete by earning the highest number of Elite medals before the weekly leaderboards end to progress to higher Elite Tiers and earn better rewards.How can I participate in the Elite League?Only players with 4000 medals or more and are at HQ 8 and above before the Season has started are eligible to participate in the Elite League.For the player eligible, during an active season, they will be participating in the Elite League and not in the PvP Medal league.If players earn the eligible requirement after the weekly leaderboard for Elite League has started, they will not be eligible for the leaderboard for that week and will participate in their respective medal league until the weekly leaderboard is over.If a player attains the requirements during any point when the Elite League Season is active, they will be able to participate in the Elite League in the upcoming weekly Leaderboard.How do I progress through Elite Tiers in Elite League?Based on the player’s ranking at the end of the Elite Weekly leaderboard; players can be promoted, demoted or stay in the same tier. Rank high in the leaderboard to win the weekly rewards and advance to higher Elite Leagues tiers. You have 8 Tiers to advance through in 24 weeks after which the season resets and you start the next season from the beginning.Each Tier has different Promotion, demotion and Stay ranks; so see each tier’s leaderboard rank section to know where you will end up next week.What are Elite medals and how do I earn them?Elite Medals are Elite League’s score points that can be earned by competing in Quick Matches, Operation Hammerfall and Killswitch. Elite Medals are awarded at the end of the battle in the aforementioned modes and their quantity depends on the number of Victory Stars and Omega XP earned.If the player has all the Omega Units at the Max Level, then they will receive a higher amount of Elite Medals just from Victory Stars.How long exactly will the Weekly Leaderboard in Elite League last?The Weekly Leaderboard in Elite League will last for the same time as the medal league i.e. 6 days and 8 hours.How do I access the leaderboard?Tap on the Leagues icon on the main UI to access the leaderboard.How does the leaderboard work?In the Elite League leaderboard, the player’s score is represented by the amount of Elite Medals Earned.The player’s leaderboard score will advance based on the amount of Elite Medals earned at the end of a battle in Quick Matches, Operation Hammerfall and Operation Killswitch.Your leaderboards Rank and Score are representative of the Elite Medals earned during that week.Does competing in any game mode reward Elite Medals?NO. Elite Medals can only be earned in Quick Matches, Operation Hammerfall and Killswitch.Does Omega XP earned by any Omega Unit reward Elite Medals?Yes, earning Omega XP from any Omega unit, regardless if it’s a MK1 or a MK2 Omega unit, will reward Elite Medals.If the player has all the Omega Units at the max level, then they will not receive any Elite Medals from Omega XP but will receive a higher amount of Elite Medals from Victory Stars.Does the Double XP Omega boost and Insta XP boost affect Elite Medals?Yes, any Omega XP boost will contribute towards your leaderboard score.With Double XP boost, you will earn double the amount of Elite Medals from Omega XP at the end of the battle.For Insta XP boost, the amount of Omega XP awarded will be converted into Elite Medals. You will receive 1 Elite Medals for every 10 Omega XP.What are the boosts I can buy in the Elite League?Players can buy the Double XP Omega boost and the Elite Medal Multiplier boost directly for the feature UI.Additionally, Double XP Omega Boost can also be bought from the Quick Matches’ Scout screen.What is the Elite Medal Multiplier?Elite Medal Multiplier boost multiplies the amount of Elite Medals earned at the end of the battles. This boost effect lasts for 1 day.There are 3 levels to the boost which need to be consequently bought to get the 2x, 3x and 5x multiplier effect. Remember, the effect timer for the boost does not reset when buying a higher level of boost but remains the same from the 1st level of boost.You can buy the Elite Medal multiplier boost from the Elite League Feature UI.Does Omega XP and Victories earned in defense or retaliation battles reward Elite Medals?NO, Omega XP and Victories earned in defense battles and retaliation battles will not reward you Elite Medals.What are the rewards that the player can win in the Elite League?There are 2 types of rewards you can win in Elite Leagues.

  • Weekly rewards
  • Seasonal rewards
  • Weekly rewards – Based on the player’s rank at the end of the weekly leaderboard, players can receive the following rewards:

    • Strike Force
    • Alpha Omega Boost
    • Gold
    • Elite Cache
    • Gold Crate
    • League Flag
    • Resources – Supply, Fuel, Steel and Tech

    NOTE: Any Alpha Omega Boost or Strike Force won will be automatically activated after the weekly leaderboard ends.To view what the player will be receiving based on their rank, tap on the “Rank Reward” banner.Seasonal Rewards – Seasonal rewards track your performance for an entire Elite League season. To earn a seasonal reward, you have to be in the top 8 positions for the required number of weeks to earn them. For e.g. the final seasonal reward for Elite League requires you finish the weekly leaderboard in the top 8 Rank for 12 weeks. Below is the list of seasonal rewards for Elite League Season 1:

    • Whack-A-Mole Hologram
    • Artillery Hologram
    • Skull Hologram
    • Next Season Upgrade

    What are Holobots?For the player eligible and participating in the Elite League, 3 Holobots will be given from the beginning of an Elite League Season. Holobots are used to project Holograms on a defense or a support building, given you have unlocked a Hologram. If you have not unlocked a hologram, you cannot assign a Holobot to a building.If you have not unlocked a hologram by the end of a season, all the Holobots will be removed from your inventory.What are holograms and how are they connected to Holobots?Holograms are seasonal rewards that can be projected by using a Holobot.Once you have unlocked a hologram, simply drag and drop the Holobot from your inventory to a defense or a support building and choose which hologram you wish to project.These colorful holograms will be projected on your base and when a friend/ alliance member views your base or when an opponent scouts or attacks it.What are the changes to the social badging in Elite Leagues?For the players in the Elite League, the player badge visuals and design will reflect the current progression in the Elite Leagues. The player badge in the leaderboards, friend /Alliance member list and global leaderboards will reflect the badge based on the current tier the player is in.Does the Elite League have a Global Leaderboard?Yes, Elite Leagues has a Seasonal Global Leaderboard listing the top 200 players earning the highest amount of Elite Medals for a season. You can scroll through multiple seasons of global leaderboards.You can also see your overall Rank for a season even if you are not in the top 200 at the bottom.What happens when the Elite League season is over?When an Elite League Season is over, the next Elite leagues season will start, and all participants who have not earned the Next Season Upgrade Seasonal Reward, their progression will be reset from the previous season and they will start the next season from the 1st tier of the Elite League i.e the Warmonger League 1.For the players who have earned the Next Season Upgrade seasonal reward, they will start the next season of Elite League, 3 tiers below from where you ended the previous season instead of starting from the lowest. This reward is automatically applied as the next season starts. For e.g. if in the previous season Player A ended in the Conqueror League 2 in the final week, then they will start the next season from the Warlord League 2.


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