Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide – [04/] KNOWN ISSUE: Facebook Outage

Facebook experienced an outage on Thursday, April 8th at about 2:30PM PT, which was resolved by Facebook at around 3:00PM PT.Players who are Facebook connected may notice that their game appears to be reset. Please do not be concerned, this is due to the Facebook outage. Loading your game through the connect to Facebook feature should restore your save, which you can by following these instructions:Retrieve the save by clicking on the gear icon in game. This brings up the “Settings Menu”. From there tap on “Account Info” and enter the Facebook login information to retrieve the saved game.Please ensure that you do not save the new avatar creation screen over top of your saved progress. If you have troubles with this and have lost your progress Support can assist you. Please remember to provide your current player ID (screenshot your game’s loading screen), and if possible the numerical Facebook ID number that corresponds to your Facebook account.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery GUIDE