Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide – [03/23] Can’t Load Game On Android

Google Chrome/Google Web View were updated by Google on March 22nd and an issue caused by this update affected not only some users who play our game, but pretty much everyone who is using Android System Webview. If the solution below does not work for you please let our Support team know and will do our best to troubleshoot.

  • Solution is as follows. If one method doesn’t work, please proceed to the next:
    • Update Android Webview App
    • Update Google Chrome
    • Outright Uninstall/Reinstall Google Chrome
      • OR
    • Uninstall the Webview updates:
      • Go to Settings > Apps > Select Android Webview
      • Tap the three-dot overflow menu in the top right corner
      • Select Uninstall Updates > OK
      • Reboot your device


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery GUIDE