Daily Bonuses – Ingress Guide

Earn AP and item bonuses for hacking Portals every day. Earn an even larger bonus for completing these activities for multiple days in a row. After completing these activities for 7 days in a row, your Hackstreak resets and you can begin working towards a new streak. If you miss a day, your Hackstreak will reset and you’ll start over at day 1.The first Portal you hack of the day will have a bonus of +500 AP and double your hack output. If you hack a Portal every day for 7 days in a row, your first hack of the day on the seventh day will earn a bonus of +1000 AP and triple your hack output. Both hacking and Glyph hacking will count towards your Hackstreak. Drone hacks do not count towards the Hackstreak (but do count towards the Sojourner Medal).

1-Day Streak 2-Day Streak 3-Day Streak 4-Day Streak 5-Day Streak 6-Day Streak 7-Day Streak
+500 AP 2X items +500 AP 2X items +500 AP 2X items +500 AP 2X items +500 AP 2X items +500 AP 2X items +1000 AP 3X items

  A day is defined as any day of the week, from midnight to midnight in your local time. For example, if you hack a Portal at any time on Tuesday local time, you will be eligible for the next daily bonus starting on Wednesday at 12:00 AM local time. You don’t need to wait 24 hours from your previous hack to advance your streak.The Hackstreak item multiplier will stack with other active bonuses or multipliers (e.g. from a Portal Fracker or from Glyph hacks, or from Apex).


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