Bingo Pop Guide – Detective Event – Tearoom Riddle

The Detective Event is our special version of the exciting “Hidden Objects” game! This is a new feature that we are testing so it is not yet available for all players.In this Event, the goal is to find all of the hidden objects in the Inspection room before the timer runs out. The list of objects you’ll need to find will be displayed along the bottom where it says “Objective”. Once you spot the object, tap on it to mark the object off the list. Successfully finding all hidden objects within the given time will reward you with bonus Cherries, and it will unlock the next Inspection room.If you have access to this Event, you may have some questions and we’ll do our best to address it here!Q: How do I start playing? A: First, you’ll need to collect enough Detective Energy (magnifying glass) to start a free play in the available Inspection room. If you do not have enough Detective Energy for a free play, it will indicate that you require “X” more a free play! Below is an example, “12 more for free play!”:Once you have enough Detective Energy, the button will change to “Play Now!”. Your Detective Energy will be used to start the Inspection. You only have a limited amount of time to find all the hidden objects in the room. Best of luck!Q: Where can I collect Detective Energy for free plays?A: Detective Energy is available around the game to collect as a reward from completing various Events (e.g., Collections, Builders, Heists). If you’re familiar with Bingo Pop, you’ll notice that the Detective Energy item have replaced the Adventure Energy.Q: Where can I see how many Detective Energy I have?A: Your total number of Detective Energy is shown on the bottom-left corner of the Detective Event lobby.Q: What are Clues?A: At times you may need some help finding a hidden object. Using your Clues will help you find the next hidden object on your list of objectives!Q: Where can I get Clues?A: Currently, additional Clues can be purchased from the Detective Event lobby. On the bottom-right corner, you’ll see your number of available Clues to use once you enter to inspect the rooms. If you want to be prepared, make sure you have enough Clues before starting an inspection since you can’t purchase more Clues during your play.Q: What happened to the weekly Adventures (Star Spin, Food Truck, Jungle Quest)?A: Players who have access to the Detective Event will not have the Adventures available.Q: What happens if I can’t find all the objects in time?A: Once you have enough Detective Energy, you can challenge the Inspection room again. Once you successfully complete the room, you can collect the completion reward to unlock the next Inspection. Be careful – Inspection rooms become progressively more difficult!


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