Disney Heroes Guide – Hero Spotlight Trials

In the Hero Spotlight Trials you can use the new hero as an ally in battle! This hero cannot be removed and will be automatically maxed out! Very nice, right?! Guess what? So will your heroes! We will allow them to be maxed out, only during these battles. These battles will be very special since your team will only consist of 3 heroes total. So pick your best two heroes that will have great synergy with the spotlight hero and win those Spotlight Trial battles! Each win awards hero chips for the hero in the spotlight!Please note:*This special trial will not be able to be reset with diamonds or a trial reset item. Chances reset every day at the reset time. *The special trial hero will not have any disks equipped, but will be at max. Stats do not have collections included.*Players cannot raid in this game mode. Using the new hero is key!


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