Last Day on Earth: Survival – I can no longer find, start or update the game while using the emulator

We began to use a new version of the development toolkit with the last update, which will allow us to implement even more innovations and positive changes in the future. Realizing this, however, sometimes a situation may occur, in which the game somehow stops functioning on some emulators. If this happened to you, then you can look for the “ABI” parameter (Application Binary Interface, support for libraries for x86 processors has been excluded) in the emulator settings and switch this parameter from “Auto” to “ARM”. However, since emulators, as before, are not officially supported by the game, we cannot guarantee stable work of the game in such cases. If the specified method does not help or the specified parameter is absent in the emulator settings, we recommend contacting the technical support of the emulator itself, or, if possible, using the mobile devices themselves, for which the game is being developed.

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