Rise of Kingdoms Guide: The strategy for ordinary players to choose civilization

1. Start with China

The civilians choose China for the following reasons:

Only Chinese civilization has the bonus of building acceleration (+3%). The building speed bonus is particularly important in the early stage because the development of the early consuls is inseparable from upgrading the buildings.The addition of construction speed not only greatly reduces construction time, but also saves you a lot of construction acceleration.The early goal is to upgrade the city hall to level 23~25 as soon as possible, so I personally recommend that novice players choose Chinese civilization first.

2. Transfer to other countries in the medium term

In the mid-term, the general city hall has reached level 25+, and all t4 units are unlocked. If you want to unlock technology faster, please choose Korean civilization.If you are pursuing the bonus of unit attributes, please choose Rome/France/Germany/Arab (mainly playing archers requires a large amount of recharge)

The choice of the initial civilization can help you awaken the initial commander of the civilization faster because almost all the main missions will reward you with a large number of portraits of the commander!

In the mid-term election of South Korea, there is a technological acceleration. In late T5, play pure arms. Players who don’t spend money can choose Germany, infantry can choose Rome or France, and cavalry can choose Arab or Ottoman. The archers chose Ottoman.

In the early stage, the cavalry was the main force, the middle and late stage was the infantry, and the last was the archer. In the beginning, China’s provincial construction accelerated. Level 25 transfers to South Korea to upgrade to T5, and provincial technology accelerates. If you don’t want to arrive at T5 early, just look at your interest and choose your arms, and wait until you can produce level 3 soldiers and consider transferring to Arabia, currently the strongest cavalry civilization.