Rise of Kingdoms Guide-Expedition strategy

Rise of Kingdoms Guide-Expedition strategy

The expedition is the only way to obtain and awaken the powerful auxiliary golden general Æthelflæd, and not only can you get some experience books every day, but also have a very low chance of redeeming some statues of other golden generals. An important copy in the game.

Expedition coin spending method: personal recommendation is to exchange all the expedition queen (at least to reach 5511, awakening as soon as possible is the best combination, can become a powerful combination in KVK), the extra exchange for golden stars and other things, because this golden hero is too important, maybe It is also the fastest awakening golden hero for many ordinary players!

Personally recommend the Æthelflæd to cooperate with Sun Wu with mixed soldiers (mainly infantry, a small number of cavalry and archers). The skills of both sides complement each other, that is, they can not park the buff and have a good output. It is a combination that players like very much.

The expedition queen can only exchange three in a day, and you can also open the expedition queen box to get some, but how much depends on luck. The exchange price is 1500 expedition coins for a statue. Fully redeem the Queen of the Expedition, you can quickly get a powerful golden general that can pull on the battlefield, even if you don’t recharge any money in the game, you will have a place in the field.

Expedition level tips

If there are difficult levels to pass, it is recommended that before the battle of Egypt, take advantage of the expansion and other buffs and alliance skills, collect the runes and then go to fight, by the way, ask for a kingdom title, such as the chief justice, which is easier to pass. You can also warm up.

The configuration of the generals of the five expeditionary teams (only discuss the generals available before K1)

The military will be the standard before KVK1 because KVK1 can basically be cleared after the beginning, even if it is not cleared, it will be fine. After the expedition currency obtained every day is exchanged for the three expedition queen statues, there is still a lot of surpluses, which is of no shortage.

A team of meat shields is responsible for attracting and undertaking firepower, such as Richard + Charlie. If these two generals are not strong enough, you can use Sun Tzuor Scipio to replace one or two of them.Full output 1-2 teams, recommended Minamoto no Yoshitsuneand Cao Cao, Yi Seong-Gyeand Frederick, without these heroes or insufficient strength, you can replace one of Minamoto no Yoshitsuneor Cao Cao with Baibars.Auxiliary team 2-3 teams, recommend Queen Joan of Arc a team, if Richard is not strong enough, act as an auxiliary team, if you have Hannibal, use it, use a skill to reduce the enemy’s attack in a large area. There are also El Cid, Boudica, Hermann, these generals who can release the buff.Ordinary level tactics

If you can’t beat it, you can use the meat shield team to attract (the meat shield team must put the first team, after all, this team is easy to be attacked) enemy 1-2 teams. Attract the battlefield to a place far away from the remaining mobs, use the meat shield team on top, and the other teams will attack from the back or side (to avoid the mob skills) and continue to repeat the operation after killing one team. Pay attention to attracting monsters, be careful, don’t attract too much at once! Also, pay attention to the team behind and pulling the side, do not enter the guard zone where the mobs are left, and avoid being attacked by them.

boss level tactics

Note that boss levels often have insufficient time, so save marching time as much as possible to the battle.

As shown in the figure, the meat shield team will attack the boss first, and the other four teams will be scattered on both sides to move towards the boss simultaneously. Be careful not to let these four teams enter the boss guard area, otherwise, the boss will attack them instead (this is why the meat shield team should be placed first. There are reasons for the first team. The first team faces a smaller warning zone for the boss. If the boss is far away, he will choose to take the initiative to fight him, and the other teams will only fight when they are closer.) The fourth team goes to the side or behind the boss.

Garrison city checkpoint tactics

The garrisoned city level needs to last until the end of the time, even if the level is passed, each wave of enemies will appear at the time. Therefore, the Meat Shield team needs to go to the front of the city in time to intercept the mobs coming to attack the city. As long as the mobs are blocked so that they do not touch the city, the mobs will target the attack on the team that intercepted him and give up attacking the city. This is also a trick to pass the level. If you can’t hold it, you need to intercept it. It doesn’t mean that you must kill the mobs, block him from attacking the city, and then delay until the end of the time.

The output team is next to the garrison team. Follow the garrison team to attack and intercept if necessary. The auxiliary team can do the same, or take the initiative to intercept like the meat shield team. Pay attention to the blood volume of each team. If the blood volume is too low, you can back slightly. If you die, you won’t get Samsung’s evaluation.