Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Details for beginners to pay attention to

【The starting general】

Each starting general has its own characteristic attributes, such as building acceleration, research acceleration, or adding the attributes of a single unit. The official introduction is that each general has its own distinctive arms, but there are no strong or weak special arms.


A. The resource building has a storage limit. If it is not collected within 10 hours, it will be full and will no longer be produced. Therefore, the resource will be collected at least once in 10 hours.B. When war buildings such as barracks are upgraded, in addition to the increase in capacity, the attack power or load of the respective arms will also increase.C. The upper limit of the alliance center is that you can get 30 help at level 25. Each helps reduces the time required by your current queue by 1% instead of 1% of the total time. Each help can be reduced by at least 3 minutes, which means If your queue time is less than three minutes, get help and you will directly complete the current queue.D. The castle increases the maximum capacity of your assembled troops. If you want to assemble, please upgrade as soon as possible. The way to get the book of vows required for the upgrade is mainly to buy gift packs, exchange gems, and gather barbarian castles to drop them.E. The upgrade of the guard tower requires the arrow of resistance, and the biggest source is activated.F. All buildings need to be upgraded to level 25 with master drawings, 2000 gems, and there is no other way to obtain them.


Every time the college is upgraded, it will speed up your research, so please upgrade the college level first, and then research technology. The initial agricultural technology can be obtained by visiting the village, so it is only necessary to study the war technology at the beginning.

The city hall will unlock the T4 units at level 21 and the 5 team queue at level 22. The sooner you level up, you will gain a great advantage in battle!