Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Strategy to increase troop formation

In the game, if we want to increase the queue of additional troops, we can only complete it by upgrading the level of the city hall. Among them, 11 opened the third queue, 17 opened the fourth queue, and 21 opened the fifth queue. Therefore, if players need more queues, they can only slowly develop their own cities.

There is no upper limit to the number of troops. The capacity of the troops is the number of troops a general can lead. When you create a troop, the load will be displayed on the bottom right.

General level:

First of all, the easiest thing is the level of the generals. Each time a general is upgraded, the number of troops he can bring will increase, and the generals can also increase their attributes when they are upgraded. If we have the resources, we will upgrade as soon as possible, so that the number of soldiers we can lead It can also be increased quickly. Another point is that we can quickly improve our attributes, so this is the top priority, the first to be upgraded.

Skill talent:

Secondly, there are skills and talents. Some special skill talents in the game can increase the capacity of troops. In the early stage, the effect is not so obvious. There are only some possible increases, not all of them, but the effects will come out in the later stage. Become very powerful, everyone must not miss it.