Rise of Kingdoms Guides:Tips and strategies for cultivating purple heroes

Fight against barbarians

1. Lohar

Active skill: Single damage, damage factor of 450 (Damage Factor, hereinafter referred to as DF), and recovery of lightly injured units at the same time, healing factor of 450 (Heal Factor, hereinafter referred to as HF)

Passive: damage +35% to barbarians and neutral units;

Team EXP gains +70%;

Recovered a lightly injured unit after getting out of the war, HF1000/2000.

Lohar’s biggest selling point is the high healing coefficient, coupled with the auxiliary talent, a team of 175K can recover 5K of lightly injured units after the battle. Gaining EXP +70% also allows him to lead other generals to grow quickly.

In terms of training, the statue of Lohar can be obtained through activities. Therefore, the epic statue can be upgraded to other generals. No special pressure level is required in terms of skills.

2. Boudica

Active skills: single damage, 600/1000DF, target -100 anger, 2 seconds damage -25%

Passive: Damage to barbarians and neutral units +25%, EXP+20%;

Rage +50 during release, recovery of lightly injured units, HF400.

Basic attack chance bonus: 5%+50%/3%+100%/2%+150%.

After awakening, the damage is medium and upper, in addition to the jungle, you can also fight. Although it has the opponent + injury + EXP, it is not as good as Lohar. The low probability of Passive 3 is also its shortcoming.

Auxiliary and collection: Joan of Arc 3.5 points.

Active Skills: Self & Teammates 2/4 seconds Buff: Infantry life +30% / Cavalry defense +30% / Archer attack +30%, anger +40/50 per second.

Passive: Collecting & Loading +25%

10% recovered lightly injured units, HF450. At most 1 time every 5 seconds.

Basic Attack Damage +25%

The only collection of the purple generals & the weight-bearing generals. Passive skills make her quite suitable for fighting as a lieutenant. It is worth mentioning that her active skill range is very large and can provide powerful buffs for multiple allies. It is recommended to train when there are three combat units. Passive acquisition is sufficient in the early stage.

Attack category: Scipio/Ottoman I/Baibal/Beli Saliu.

3. Scipio

Active skills: 5 seconds injury -25%, counterattack damage +25%

Passive: When being attacked, there is a 10/15% chance of damage +100% within 1/2 second (maximum 1 time every 5 seconds). 15% chance to recover slightly injured unit when the force is less than 40%, HF500.

Hit the city damage +7%

Force capacity +10%

The only purple siege general before Osman I joined. Since there is no active damage skill, it is very dependent on troops to output. If there is a need to fight the city, you can consider practicing.

4. Osman I

Active technology: single 850/1100DF.

Passive: Hit the city for more than 30 seconds, attack +5% (120 seconds).

An additional 400DF will be added for the next round after the active skill is played.

Force capacity +10%

Another siege general. Passive 2/3 is more practical. Fighting the city for more than 30 seconds, the passive attack +5%, because the chance of long-term combat is less, so there is little chance to play. The high DF provided by the active skills can be matched with Scipio during siege to supplement the shortcomings of the lack of active damage.

5. Baibarss

Active skill: AOE 3/5 targets 750/1000DF, 30/50% marching speed reduction in 2 seconds.

Passive: Cavalry attack +20%

When attacking the city, the general attack orders the garrison troops to attack and defend -7%

Recovers lightly injured units (HF200) after getting out of the battle, increasing the marching speed by 50% in 10 seconds.

Cao Cao is lowly equipped, effectively entangled a large number of targets, and chases and kills experts. Note that the AOE damage will decrease as the attack target increases, each -20%, the minimum is 40%. Passive 2 is the siege direction, but the active technology marching speed reduction effect is invalid during siege, so it is better to use it as a field battle. Of course, it’s okay to be a guest siege lieutenant xd.

6. Belisarius

Active skill: -30% offensive and defensive target in 2 seconds, 450DF in the next round.

Passive: Damage +35% to barbarians and neutral units.

The cavalry defense is +15/30%, and the marching speed is increased by 25/50% for 10 seconds after leaving the battle.

When the target’s strength is less than 50%, the damage is +25%

The only general in the purple general who has the talent for maneuvering. The active skill damage is weak, but the debuff effect is strong, and when paired with Baibarss, it can achieve the tactical effect of Cao Cao + Minamoto no Yoshitsune to a certain extent.

Defending the city/special arms bonus category:

Sun Tzu/Eulji Mundeok/Hermann/Kusunoki Masashige/APelagius

1. Sun Tzu infantry type.

Active skill: AOE3/5 target 450/800DF, +50 rage for every target hit.

Passive: When serving as the garrison commander, the troops were injured -7%

Troops injured -10%, infantry life +10%

Active skill damage +20%

Although the damage of AOE will decrease as the attack target increases, and the damage is not as good as Baibal, Passive 3 alleviates its shortcomings to a certain extent. In the field, it is recommended that all infantry be brought into play to achieve the effect of family success.

2. Eulji Mundeok infantry type

Active skill: single 750DF, 30% reduction in 2 seconds

Passive: When serving as the garrison commander, army defense +5%.

Infantry offense and defense +10/15%

When attacked, 10% of the next round +100% damage. .

3. Hermannn Archer

Active skills: Single 750/1150DF, anger -100, unable to activate skills for 2 seconds.

Passive: Archer Attack & March +10%

When serving as the garrison commander, troop attack & guard tower damage +7%

Basic attack damage +10%, 10% chance +100 anger.

Has the strongest damage coefficient of the purple generals, but unfortunately the skill group is garrison, and the archer bonus. The next role in the world where cavalry is popular is miserable.

4. Kusunoki Masashige archer type

Active Skill: Remove the negative & control effects of the troops, AOE 3 targets 300DF, 2 seconds extra 250DF.

Passive: When serving as the garrison commander, troops: Counterattack damage +7%.

Archer offense and defense +10/15%

A 10% chance of a basic attack will cause an additional 450 DF per second for 2 seconds.

Generals who rely on character output. The DF itself is low, and it is an archer type, destined to be a warehouse warrior.

5. APelagius cavalry type

Active skill: Single 300DF, 2 seconds extra 300DF, after the skill is activated, the anger is restored to 100.

Passive: Cavalry offense and defense +10/15%

When serving as the garrison commander, troop attack & guard tower damage +7%

10% chance of normal attack to recover lightly injured units in 2 seconds (HF450).

The only cavalry-type garrison general, the cavalry passively allows him to be used as an alternate general with the aforementioned cavalry-type generals, as a lieutenant general.

Training priority

T1 Ottoman I / Baibars / Sun Tzu / Belisariu.

T2 Boudica/Hermann/Kusunoki Masashige/APelagius/Jan of Arc/Scipia.

T3 Eulji Mundeok/Kusunoki Masashige.