Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide – How do I play the Clubs Constellation Event?

What is the Club Constellation Event?The Clubs Constellations features a Constellation map with star nodes on it, each requiring a particular amount of Star Fragments to unlock. You will win prizes by earning Star Fragments which allow you to unlock these nodes and travel along the Constellation map.From the starting star node, you can choose which direction you wish to go in and which prizes you want to claim at your own discretion. How do I earn Star Fragments?You will earn Star Fragments during the event any time you earn Clubs XP at Hogwarts. You will receive bonus Star Fragments for earning Clubs XP from the featured Club for that particular event.

You can use Star Fragments to unlock the star nodes on the Constellation map.Star Fragments also help you contribute to the Global Competition when it is active.How do I earn the Grand Prize?To earn the Grand Prize for the event you must complete the entire Constellation by unlocking every star node. What is the Global Competition?During the Global Competition phase of the Constellation event all players are working together to achieve three benchmarks. Every time you collect Star Fragments you will contribute to the Global Competition goal. Work together with everyone to earn bonus prizes!Remember, only Star Fragments earned during the global event will count towards it.

Collecting your prizes has no bearing on this, as well.Do I have to go in one direction?You are not restrained by one direction for this event and can choose to move in any direction you wish. You must unlock the preceding node to move onto the next one, however.Can I wait to redeem my prizes?You are not required to redeem your event prizes right away, and players will have a time period following the end of the event to use any unspent Star Fragments on nodes that they can meet the requirements for.Can I do anything with unused Star Fragments?Following the event players have a period of time within which they can redeem any unused Star Fragments on star nodes. Any remaining Star Fragments will be lost following this time and will not be converted to anything else.


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