CSR Racing 2 – America Series – So, what’s changing?

We know that the America Series can be an intense journey and we understand that you love trying to win as many races and prizes that you possibly can! So, to ensure you get as much time as possible, the Sound of the Wind, From Europe With Love, 24 hours in Santa Palma and Track Days will continuously rerun starting from 8th July until the end of the series. With this change, you can now focus on securing as many rewards as you can physically race for before America Series ends.Fusion Part Price Drop!Fusion parts are essential for upgrading your cars and beating America Series events, so until the end of America Series all fusion parts in the America Series Event Shop will be massively discounted in the event hub! That’s right, you can spend less America Series Credits on fusions so you’ll have more to use elsewhere!Did someone say NEW CRATE for the 5th Lock in cars?Once you start getting to the end of an event, you can really be put to the test and we know sometimes it can be tough to get your car where it needs to be.We heard what you were saying and so, for the 5th lock in cars which are used at the end of the events, we’ve come up with something a little different. We hope this can push you across the finish line to win those extra rewards!We’ve created a new crate which includes parts for the 5th lock in cars only and this will run from June 28th – July 27th.The 5th lock in cars include:

  • Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO
  • Audi R8 LMS
  • 2016 Ford GT LM
  • Bentley Continental GT3

You’ll be able to pull parts from this crate exclusively for the above cars, meaning you’ll be able to upgrade them significantly faster.

  • The crate will cost $3.99.
  • You will receive a loyalty part every 7 pulls which relates to one of the above mentioned cars.
  • You will get one free crate pull every 24 hours.

With these additions, we cannot wait to see you build up your cars to the max and finish the last few weeks of the America Series in style!Good luck Racers, we’ll see you on the streets of CSR2!


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