Empires & Allies – Why am I seeing a white screen when launching the game on Gameroom?

Why am I seeing a white screen when launching Empires & Allies?Empires & Allies is facing technical issues on Gameroom due to which players are seeing a white screen after launching the game. This has to do with the end of life for Gameroom by June 30 (Facebook announcement). While we are working with Facebook to resolve this issue, players are encouraged to migrate to alternative platforms (iOS/Android) to continue playing the game, without losing any game progress.What is happening to Facebook Gameroom?Facebook Gameroom is retiring (click here). It will no longer be available after June 30, and all our players won’t be able to access Empires & Allies from Gameroom.How can we continue playing the game?Creation of a web version of the game is in progress that will have the same experience of playing it on Gameroom. While that is in development, affected players can continue playing on iOS and Android devices without losing any game progress.How can I migrate my game progress?To migrate your progress to iOS or Android devices, follow the steps below:  

Migrating to iOS:Scan the QR code or visit iOS App Store Migrating to Android: Scan the QR code or visit Google Play Store


  • Download the app
  • Complete the first battle
  • Connect with FacebookTap on Game SettingsClick on the Facebook Connect button from the Settings menu.Click on Continue on the confirmation dialog.Enter your Facebook credentials if you aren’t signed in, or click Continue if you are already logged into Facebook.You will be granted with 50 Gold once the connection is successful.Once you are connected to Facebook, a list of all the accounts connected to that Facebook ID will be populated, and from that list, you can switch to any account of your choosing.Select the account you want and click on “Switch To Selected Account”.
  •    Am I going to lose my account?You won’t be losing your account in the migration process and you will be ready to pick up from where you left off once you follow the steps mentioned above and connect with your appropriate account. 


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