Rise of Kingdoms Guide: The best battle strategies and tips

Death: disappear directly.Serious injury: Take it to your hospital. If you exceed the capacity of the hospital, you will die. Now there is email notification of the hospital capacity.Minor injury: I will recover immediately when I go home.

The hierarchical relationship of field battles is the first minor injury and then the severe injury.

The hierarchical relationship of attacking the player’s city is first minor injuries and then death.

Union Flag: The flag built in the Union of the country. In the flag battle, 50% of the heavily injured troops on the defending side will return to the hospital, and the attacking side will all die.Expedition Flag: A flag built in the Lost Lands. In a flag battle, 25% of the defenders who are seriously injured will return to the hospital, and the attackers who are seriously injured will all die.

Therefore, defensive territories are always more cost-effective than offensive territories, provided that the offensive side does not gather much. In general, if you encounter two assembled teams, you can also use scattered teams to besiege the assembled team, or fight against the assembled team, but it will be difficult to defend if there are three assembled teams.

In the Lost Lands, since 50% of the heavily injured troops of the Alliance Fortress defender will return to the hospital, everyone will use the fortress to block the door, which is more cost-effective.

Treatment tips

If you have severely injured hundreds of thousands of people in medical treatment but don’t want to use too much acceleration, you can heal only about 2000 soldiers each time, and then rely on the help of your allies to immediately reduce the treatment time. This will take manpower, but it will be faster than natural treatment .

Each person can adjust the amount of treatment each time according to their own treatment time. For example, after you take the treatment speed + 15% rune, you can adjust it to 2,300 troops per treatment.