Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Legendary commander awakening strategy & how to get gold heads

The legendary commander needs 690 gold heads to awaken.

If you are VIP14, you can get three gold heads a day, and you can get 90 gold heads a month.

The Battle of Egypt is held twice, assuming you lose once and win once. You can get 15 gold heads.

There are at least 105 gold heads in a month. Add other occasional turntables and other recharge activities.

It takes six months to have 630 gold heads. There are a lot of timely activities. It takes at least 4 months for v14 and various activities to awaken a legendary commander. It is too difficult.

How to obtain gold head:

The easiest way for players to get gold heads is to open treasure chests, but opening treasure chests does not necessarily lead to gold heads and the price of treasure chests is very expensive. Only players who are willing to recharge can use this method. Players can also be obtained through events, but VIPs must be activated, so gold heads are not easy to obtain. How long has it taken you to awaken the legendary commander?