Rise of Kingdoms Guide: The best strategy to increase troop capacity

In the game, troop capacity is very important. If the troop capacity is large, it means that you have more soldiers than the enemy, and you will also have more advantages in battle. The following are three ways to increase the capacity of the troops, I hope it will help you.

Upgrade commander level:

If players have the resources to upgrade the commander level, use them as soon as possible. After your commander level is increased, not only the attributes can be improved, but the capacity of the troops can also be increased. These two points are very important. Of course, not all commanders need to be upgraded, which will cost a lot of money and resources. If you are willing to recharge in the game, you can choose some more versatile and versatile commanders to upgrade, such as Sun Tzu, Cao Cao, and Lohar, these commanders are easier to awaken. If you are a player who likes to recharge, you can upgrade to a more powerful commander.

Improve skill talent:

Only a part of the skill talents can increase the capacity of the troops, not all skill talents can be, you may not see much help to the capacity of the troops in the early stage. But the more you get to the later stage, the more you can see the effect, and the bonus is very high. Players can slowly commission their skills and talents, without consuming too many resources in the early stage, and can use resources in more valuable places.

Upgrade the main city level:

This is the most important thing. Everyone can increase the capacity of the troops directly by raising the main city level, and the strength of the troops can also be increased. Moreover, there are many other benefits of upgrading the main city. It is a wise choice for players to upgrade the main city first, and they can also open other gameplays by the way, so that they have more resources.