Rise of Kingdoms even Guide: Tips and strategies of The Mightiest Governor

Introduction to the event stage

Theevent isdivided into 5 stages

Troops Training

Defeating Barbarians

Resource collection

Increase in combat power

Annihilate the enemy

The first four stages will each last for 1 day, the fifth stage [destroying the enemy army] will only last for 1 day, and the subsequent fifth stage will last for 2 days. In each stage, all consuls can earn points by completing the activities of the day. After the accumulated points reach certain conditions, they can also receive progress rewards.

The Archon can check his ranking and total ranking for each stage at any time on the event interface. The total ranking points are equal to the sum of the points for each stage.

The event stage strategy

1# training troops

At this stage, the pointis obtained by training troops. One thing to note: The same acceleration used to promote units will bring higher points than direct training units. For example, level 1 is promoted to level 2, level 3 is promoted to level 4, and so on. The pointat this stage has a great influence on the final overall ranking point. So if you want to get a high ranking, don’t be stingy and accelerate at this stage.

2# Defeating Barbarians

Although this stage is to attackbarbarians, it is not recommended to use stamina potions, just empty the daily stamina to complete the guarantee bonus. The pointat this stage will not have a great impact on the final overall ranking.

3#Resource Gathering

At this stage, you need to collect resources on the map, including food, wood, stones, gold coins, and gems to get the corresponding points. Let me share with you a little trick: send a team or a few full teams out in advance, do not go home after collecting, keep collecting until the team reaches the load and put it in the flag, wait until the activity starts and then go home, you can get a lot of points. . However, this stage does not have a big impact on the final overall ranking, so don’t care too much.

4#Power Upgrade

This stage is mainly based on scientific research and construction to obtain points. At this stage, the training troops points are too few, which is much worse than the first stage, so it is not recommended to train troops. The points at this stage can account for a large part of the kingdom that has not been long before the server is opened, and the less the kingdom’s history goes on, the less it takes up.

5#Enemy Elimination

The higher the level of kill or serious injury, the more points can be gained.

This stage can be said to be the most chaotic period before the kingdom is unified. Try not to collect it in the wild during this time period, just collect it at the Alliance Resource Center. Commanders whose strength is still in their infancy are advised to open their shields in time to avoid excessive losses; when resources are low, they can put all their troops in a safe flag, so that even if they are beaten, they will not cause the soldiers to die. The loss of resources is not large.

Many alliances choose this time period to start the war. There are also players who attack other people’s collection points, and there are two people who have left the alliance in the same alliance to fight each other.

The pointat this stage can often account for a large part of the final pointfor kingdoms that have war.


The first stage of training troops and the fifth stage of destroying enemy forces have high points, followed by the fourth stage of combat power improvement. The remaining points for defeating the barbarian in the second stage and collecting resources in the third stage can only take up a small part.