Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Self-protection strategy for beginner|What to do if you keep being attacked

1. Alliance

Alliance is the most effective method. Other methods can only work temporarily. First of all, after you join an alliance, you will be able to have a stable rookie period guarantee, so that you can develop steadily until the mid-term.

2. Protective cover

In the novice period, the system will give a protective cover that can be used for two days, and another protective cover, which can also be used to protect yourself. But the second protective cover is not recommended for players to use in the novice period, because in the late game, the protective cover can avoid much more losses.

3. Garrison

There is a building called the Alliance Center. This building has a role called Garrison. You can use this function to ask for help from other players in the alliance. If someone can send a team of high-level soldiers to your house to help you defend the city, this means that only players who are strong enough can attack you, but players who are strong enough will not attack the novices. After all, novices have limited resources. of.


All in all, you should join an active alliance, strive for players in the alliance to be able to send you additional reinforcements, if the situation is urgent, you can also use the protective shield, and then develop steadily.