Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Solutions to insufficient resources | What to do if resources are insufficient

1. Lack of resources

The easiest way is to go out to grab resources, find a few cities that have not joined the alliance, and send a scout to investigate the enemy’s situation and compare the strength of the troops. If you are stronger than the enemy, you can attack the enemy’s city and grab resources. This is also the most efficient method. (ps: You can only snatch enemies who are weaker than yourself, otherwise the loss will aggravate the current situation of resource shortage.)

2.Do the task

In the game, the official also regularly launches events and tasks. Players can get rewards for completing these tasks, and they can go on expeditions when they gradually become stronger.

3. Collection

Collection is a very important part of the game. There will be a lot of resource points in the wild of the game. These resource points have levels. The higher the level of the resource point, the richer the resources stored. This means that try to choose advanced resource points to collect. Although the collection time will be longer, once the mining is completed, it will be a considerable income;

4. Participate in activities

Activities also give a lot of resources. Compared with other items in the game, resources are the easiest to obtain. Ordinary players can get a lot of resources without recharging money. These resources are very important for upgrading the city and training soldiers.