Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Strategies to Obtain the Book of Covenant | How to Obtain the Book of Covenant

In the game, the Book of Covenant is one of the very scarce resources, especially when it is upgraded to level 25 to increase the number of troops and combat power, the easiest and most effective way to obtain the Book of Covenant is to destroy as many barbarian castles as possible. .

Just to upgrade your castle from level 24 to level 25, you need 5000 books of the covenant to meet the requirements. So obviously, if you want to be a player who is not ready to recharge, you must keep attacking the barbarian’s castle. So here are a few methods I have prepared for you to quickly accumulate the Book of Covenant:

1. Buying treasure chests in the VIP store. Although it costs money, it is indeed the most direct way. And as you buy more treasure chests, your VIP level will increase and you will get more rewards.2. Spending your gems in the gem event will give you more rewards.3. The alliance box comes with 10 books of covenant. When someone in the alliance buys the box in the game, you will get this nice reward.4. Destroying the barbarian’s fortress will also get a large number of Covenant Books. This method is the most practical method. Although it takes a lot of time, it does not cost money and is suitable for ordinary players.

If you plan to get the Book of Covenant all by yourself, then I suggest you use a large and a small number. Then keep repeating the following five simple steps to easily obtain more books of alliance.

1. Make your home away from the alliance.2. Attack the first, second and third-level barbarian fortresses yourself.3. Summon to attack the 3rd level barbarian fortress on your trumpet, and use your trumpet to join.4. Summon on your trumpet to attack the level 2 barbarian fortress, and use your trumpet to join.

Repeat the above steps to get the Book of Covenant faster.