Rise of Kingdoms Guide: The best strategies and tips for beginners

1. Try to add to the first alliance of your server and lead the alliance treasure chest (this is very important, very important, very important).2. Don’t misuse the golden head, choose the orange you want to cultivate and use it again.3. [Turntable Orange General] is generally better than [Golden Key Orange General]. Golden head is recommended to be reserved for the turntable orange will (there will be a turntable after 38 days)4. Orange will not blindly upgrade, but in accordance with the order of skill upgrade (this site commander strategy introduces)5. For the medals obtained in the expedition, it is recommended to buy an orange head portrait and golden stars.6. Don’t squander the alliance points, save them, and buy the territory and move the city first, or buy an immigration order when needed.

7. You must participate in the activity, and there will be generous rewards.8. Infantry is the first choice for players who do not recharge, and cavalry should also train a team9. Economy and technology, priority for full promotion, [text], [engineering], [number].10. Blue and green generals, just cultivate the collecting generals. If you don’t like to fight and love to gather resources, you can give priority to training 1 or 2 gatherings in the early stage, and you will be upgraded to level 37. Point full collection and speed up talent.11. Must buy the mobility recovery in the VIP store. Shop items, refreshed every week.12. Remember to use it every day to collect and accelerate, it can be bought by mysterious merchants in the post.13. Beginners should not go blindly to attack the city alone, usually the gains outweigh the losses. Participate in team activities.