Rise of Kingdoms Guide:The strategy to the order of building upgrades

【Economic Building】

Farms, timber mills, quarries, gold mines

Level 1-24, the output per hour will not increase much after the upgrade. After upgrading to level 25, the output is twice that of level 24. Up to 4 buildings of each type

Recommendation: Try to upgrade a farm as much as possible. Don’t spend construction time on this type of building when resources are sufficient, because the production of resources by yourself is extremely low, so if you want more resources, you can read related articles on this site.

【Three Important Buildings】


In the early stage of general acceleration, science and technology should be given priority to study [Engineering] [Mathematics]


It is not recommended to upgrade first

Alliance Center

Priority upgrade

————————————————– ————————-

Shop (cannot be upgraded): Mainly for VIP shops, cheap shops are hacking you, and big guys don’t buy it.Suggestion: Try to give priority to the purchase of VIP-level acceleration, which is more cost-effectiveWorker’s cabin (cannot be upgraded): It mainly reminds you whether there is a free building queue, the maximum is two queues

VIP6 opens two permanent queues, so please upgrade to level 6, civilian players must use all gems on this to upgrade to V6

Monument (cannot be upgraded): Mainly check the history of the kingdom, get rewards, don’t miss each reward

————————————————– ———– ——

Shop: Resources for mutual support from allies

Recommendation: It is not recommended to upgrade first unless the pre-task of other building upgrades is to upgrade the commercial stack

Station (cannot be upgraded): Deal with traveling merchants

Recommendation: In the case of saving gems, speed up and only buy a 70% discount for GM. Technology, training, and construction acceleration are at a loss compared to GM’s acceleration under the same discount.