Rome Civilization |Rise of Kingdoms Guide-Rome Civilization Strategy & Evaluation

The initial commander: ScipioCivilization Bonus: Glory of the Empire: Increases the defense of infantry units by 5%, increases the marching speed of troops by 5%, and increases food gathering speed by 10%.Featured Unit: LegionaryCivilization analysis:

Rome is a powerful infantry civilization in the war civilization, and it plays a very important role in team battles. Because in team battles, he always wears the thickest armor and is subject to the strongest attack, but he can survive to the last class.

At the moment when the cavalry is fighting for hegemony, Rome is the unit that civilian players can enjoy the game most. If you like infantry, then Rome is definitely your first choice. Because infantry needs a certain amount of defense to survive to the end. The 5% increase in infantry defense added by Romecivilization will make your team’s defense stronger. Don’t underestimate the 5%, the attribute percentage bonus is very scary, the higher the bonus is in the later stage.

Secondly, the disadvantage of infantry is that the marching speed is too slow and the mobility is poor. However, if the 5% movement speed bonus brought by the Romecivilization is combined with the commander who increases the movement speed, the speed will be significantly improved, whether it is to support or to reach the combat location faster.

The last 5% of food gathering speed bonus is very helpful for us to hoard food. War requires a lot of food. This bonus will make us no longer need to worry about lack of food in the battle.