Germany Civilization |Rise of Kingdoms Guide-German Civilization Strategy & Evaluation

Initial commander: HermannCivilization Bonus: German eagle, cavalry unit attack power increased by 5%, troop training speed increased by 5%, and mobility recovery increased by 10%.Featured Unit: Teutonic KnightsCivilization analysis:

One of the first civilizations for the start is a civilization that is very suitable for the early development of the foundation.

The attack power of cavalry units is increased by 5%. As the current mainstream unit, cavalry has high attack output and high mobility, and has a very powerful advantage in siege of cities and clearing of wild areas. With this attack bonus, we will more easily clean up neutral units in the field in the early stage.

The 5% increase in troop training speed allows us to replenish soldiers at a higher speed. It is simply complementary to the previous bonus, and constantly replenishes the source of troops to provide us with sufficient reserve forces for combat.

Movement recovery increased by 10%. This is the highest movement recovery bonus of all civilizations. Every external action we do in the game requires physical energy, and this bonus allows us to have more than others. Physical strength can do more things.

The combination of these elements is the biggest thing most players will do in the early stage-hoarding as many resources as possible.

If the player really enjoys the process of collecting resources and fighting against barbarians, German civilization should be chosen in the early stage.

Disadvantages: the later stage is too weak to compete with other civilizations.