Civilization |Rise of Kingdoms Guide-Arabia Civilization Strategy & Evaluation

Initial Commander: BaibarsCivilization Bonus: Boundless Oasis: Increases the attack power of cavalry units by 5%, increases the damage to barbarians and other neutral units by 10%, and increases the damage of assembled troops by 5%.Featured unit: MamlukCivilization analysis:

At present, the strongest cavalry civilization is also one of the mainstream war civilizations.

The 5% increase in the attack power of cavalry units further strengthens the high attack characteristics of the cavalry, which makes the already powerful cavalry more invincible. With high mobility and high attack, it seems like a tank in the cold weapon era.

The damage to barbarians and other neutral units is increased by 10%. This buff will allow us to obtain resources in the barbarians and defeat the barbarians more quickly.

The damage of assembled troops is increased by 5%. This is very useful during wartime. When you gather, the lethality of your troops will be significantly improved.

The bonuses of Arabiacivilization are all bonuses of damage. These damage bonuses are superimposed on each other and matched with Mamluk’s characteristic arms. The damage caused by Arabiacivilization is simply unimaginable.

The disadvantage is that as a war civilization, Arabiaia has a high output. This does not help much in the early stage and does not have any development advantages. It is not recommended to choose the initial stage. The best later stage is when the country is rich and the people are strong to deal with various wars. Then turn to Arabiaia.

Tip: Arabia civilization is more suitable for players with a large amount of recharge.