Chinese Civilization |Rise of Kingdoms Guide-Chinese Civilization Strategy & Evaluation

The initial commander: Sun Tzu

Civilization bonus: Art of War: The defense power of troops is increased by 3%, the recovery of mobility is increased by 5%, and the construction speed is increased by 5%.

Featured unit: Chu-Ko-NuCivilization analysis:

This is the most suitable opening civilization for novices

The defense power of the troops is increased by 3%, and the comprehensive bonus is suitable for the period when there is no single soldier in the early stage. With this bonus, various early military activities can minimize losses and save some medical resources.

Movement recovery increased by 5%, this is very important, which means that we have more physical strength than other civilizations can do more external operations. We can do more things in a day.

The construction speed is increased by 5%. This is the core bonus buff of this civilization. Our most important task in the early stage is to upgrade the building! 5% means that we can complete the early construction faster under the same conditions and save us more Valuable universal acceleration props, faster to enter the 25 city hall is to enter the late stage, very suitable for all new players to start, no matter what kind of player you are, you can get a good game experience in the beginning of Chinese civilization.

Disadvantage: weak in the later stage, not suitable for large-scale wars in the later stage.