PUBG Mobile Guide:Strategies and tips to quickly improve KD for beginner | PUBG Guide

Adjust the sensitivity

In the game, sensitivity is the most important thing. If the sensitivity is too high, the movement is too fast and the quasi-center is not easy to locate. If the sensitivity is too low, aiming will become slower. Therefore, before entering the game, you must find the sensitivity that suits you in the training ground and practice shooting more in the training ground. Set the sensitivity every time, practice shooting feeling, and pave the way for a quick rise to KD in the future.

Improve strength

If you want KD to rise quickly, you must improve your own strength and master your skills, so you are not afraid that KD will not get up. So what to do if you want to improve your strength, you can specialize in places with a lot of people and rich resources. These places are most prone to shootouts. Don’t be afraid that you will die as soon as you land, because all powerful players must go through this process. Jumping in these places is to exercise marksmanship, consciousness and reaction speed. The more people you keep, the higher your vigilance. Slow practice will make you stronger. After all, with strength, KD will rise quickly.

Find a hidden place

Because KD is based on the number of eliminations divided by the number of eliminations, it is also a good choice that the numerator cannot increase or decrease the denominator. You can hide until the finals and then sneak attack the enemy to win the championship. At the beginning of the parachuting, choose a place farther away from the route. After searching the equipment, you can wait for the safety zone to shrink with peace of mind. When you shrink to the third wave, you can hide in the safety zone. Don’t shoot if you don’t have to. When you encounter damage from unsuspecting enemies, eliminate them. If you can persist until you eat chicken dinner, KD will definitely increase.

Don’t skydive

Every game has players who are offline for various reasons. If you can kill them, this is the easiest way to increase KD. So you don’t parachute all the time, it will automatically land at the end of the route. Then you need to find the gun in the nearest place, and then kill these dropped people. Note that, be careful of people who pretend to be disconnected like you.

5.Increase KD when the rank is low

If your level is very low, the enemies you match are also very weak. At this time, you can kill a few more enemies to make your KD higher. Of course, you can also match up with a high-ranking friend. He will help you injure someone, and then you will kill the enemy, so the KD will grow very quickly.