PUBG Mobile Guide:The best gun in melee|Strategy for M762 | PUBG Guide

☛The melee king of the rifle is M762!
☛The M762 full of accessories is called the “King of Rifles”!
☛Choose the right accessories and get the MVP!

M762 is called the king of close combat. It’s not an exaggeration. The excellent rate of fire and super high power give M762 a considerable explosive power. Even if you don’t shoot first, you can guarantee a certain advantage in close combat. !
Especially in the mid-range shooting, the M762 is invincible, and the quadruple lens can perfectly fit this weapon. If the enemy is relatively close, it can be adjusted to a double mirror. Proper adjustment can make it easier for you to eat chicken dinner.
M762 has powerful power and has three modes: single shot, triple shot and fully automatic.
M762 is suitable for medium and short-range shooting in the single-point and three-shot modes. The six-fold lens that can be adjusted fully fits the performance of M762. Therefore, the six-fold lens is preferred to M762.

When the M762 is full of accessories, the change speed is about 2 seconds. Here I suggest that you change the bullet before you finish shooting the bullet, which can shorten the time required to change the bullet by 0.5 seconds, that is, the M762 bullet change speed can be reduced to 1.5 seconds. Use this short time to kill the enemy first!

At the same time, the stability of the M762 under full accessories is close to that of the M416. With a red dot sight or holographic sight, or even a triple lens, the M762 can shoot at close range in a short time and instantly knock down the enemy. Ground!

M762 is recognized as a good gun. The damage and rate of fire are terrible, but it is very difficult to aim when strafing. Therefore, it is recommended that players choose to match the laser sight with this accessory and use waist shot to shoot. that’s good.

If you encounter long-distance combat, don’t be afraid! The M762 equipped with a vertical grip is also suitable for long-distance battles

Compared with M762, AKM, M416, which gun is more powerful?

In fact, the three guns have their own advantages, but the M762 with the same accessories is more stable than the AKM, and the high rate of fire makes it have a higher DPS; secondly, the M762 with the same accessories has more damage than the M416. This weapon is suitable for mid-range combat and has explosive power. Strong! Gamers who are good at mid-range combat.