PUBG Mobile|5 tips for throwing grenades | PUBG Guide

Calculate the explosion time of the grenade

In places where the slope is relatively large or there is a cover, it will be more difficult to shoot. At this time, we can use the grenade delay effect to avoid the opponent’s reaction time and perfectly bypass the cover to attack the opponent. The detonation time of a grenade is 8 seconds. If a novice wants to throw an instant detonation thunder, you can simply remember to throw it out when there are 2 seconds left to explode a close enemy and throw it out when there are 4 seconds left for an enemy farther away.

Use the rebound principle

In the house, if the enemy hides behind the door, we can throw the grenade on the wall and bounce it to the enemy.

Jump and throw grenade

If you want to enter the safe zone through a plain, and an enemy happens to attack you behind the bunker in the safe zone, then you can jump and throw a grenade to extend the distance and blow up the enemy.

Under normal circumstances, the limit distance for throwing a grenade at an angle of 45° is about 56 meters, but after jumping, you can throw more. The specific operation is to jump while throwing the grenade.

4.Throw thunder from FPP perspective

Due to the limitation of the TPP viewing angle, when we are facing a high and far target, the grenade’s landing point will be blocked by our fists and head. At this time, just switch the FPP view angle to clearly see the landing point, which can be far away. Throw a hand mine into the house from the small window.

Grenade to force the enemy to appear

If the enemy often hides behind a tree or a stone and cannot come out, we can throw a few grenades at this time. We don’t need to care about the time. We just throw it towards the bunker and switch to the gun immediately, so that as long as he leaves the bunker to avoid the grenades Will be perfectly ambushed by us.