Tips and Guide for s686 in PUBG Mobile | PUBG Guide

Although this gun has high damage, it must be within a certain range. Close combat within 10M is its best shooting range. If it exceeds 25M, S686’s bullets will be scattered and easily eliminated by the enemy.

Moreover, the S686 has extremely low ammunition capacity, only two bullets, and the disadvantage of two bullets is that the fault tolerance rate is extremely low, and it will be empty if you are not careful, so at this time, another grab is very important. Switch weapons quickly at critical moments. There are unexpected effects.

S686 has fewer accessories, the shotgun and bullet bag are indispensable when used, and the effects of waist shooting and open-lens shooting are also different.

After the mirror is opened, the muzzle lift will be relatively small, and the bullets will be more concentrated, so when ambushing the enemy, try to open the mirror and aim as much as possible, so that two bullets will hit each other more easily.

Choose the right way to fight

If you and the enemy are separated by a wall, this is the best time to use S686. You can climb over the wall and shoot at the enemy when you land. This is a test of the operator’s skills, and it is better than using other guns to control.

In short, S686 is the most powerful among shotguns. After mastering the above skills, you must have eaten chicken dinner.