PUBG Mobile Georgopol guide: 3 tips for collecting resources | PUBG Guide

Landing on the periphery, search for a square route

There are many containers and small roads in this location, and it is easy to be attacked by the enemy from a height.

So jumping directly to the center point is not a wise choice. Before we formally collect resources, we need to land on the periphery to get a general understanding of the situation at that time.

When you enter georgopol. First cut in from the outer edge of the right side of the container, walk straight to the upper right container, then go left to reach the viaduct on the left, and then fumble straight down from the viaduct to the location of the three warehouses, and then pass through the container group back The starting point is to explore the entire container area in a square route.

The advantage of this is that you can conduct an overall survey of the locations where the guns are easy to mount, such as elevated racks, containers, warehouses, etc., from the outside, to ensure your own rear safety, and it is not easy to be attacked by opponents from multiple directions.

Container Tower

After entering the container area, if there is an enemy on the container, it will be more difficult for us to hit the opponent, and if we want to flip the container over the gun, it is easy to be defended by the enemy. In this case, we should actively use the watchtower to break the situation. There is a watchtower near each container, where a gun is set up. Compared with the containers that need to be climbed to reach, the stairs of the watchtower move up and down more flexibly, can attack and retreat and defend, forcing the enemy to move, we can better grasp the initiative.

Flexible jump

1. When we are standing on the container and being attacked by the enemy, we must jump under the container. When we are ready to fall, press the “Get down” button, and the character will fall to the ground in a prone attitude. In this process, the character is basically on the ground. Maintaining the parallel state can minimize the hit area and allow you to successfully land and transfer.2. When it is necessary to climb onto the container, the “double jump” can be much faster than the traditional climbing action, creating an opportunity. The specific operation is when jumping to a high point, press the jump again at the moment of landing, so that you can achieve the effect of double jump, allowing your character to quickly climb up to high platforms and other positions, using the small near the container The box can quickly climb onto the container through two consecutive jumps, which greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the risk of being ambushed by the enemy.