PUBG Mobile Guide:5 tips for beginner, learn to easily reach the diamond level | PUBG Guide

1. Choose the right set of clothes

In the game, there are all kinds of clothes for special forces to experience, but you still don’t have the ability to fight the enemy head-on, so don’t wear brightly colored clothes. You can open your backpack and look for a green or black dress, because you can wear a green dress and lie on the grass, which is almost integrated with the grass. Wearing a black dress can also stay in a darker place. The place, if you don’t look for it carefully, the enemy may not be able to find it if you walk by.

 2. Jump off course

If you want to easily increase your points, when you start parachuting, choose a place that deviates from the route a little bit farther away from the route. The farther the better. On the map, you can see places with few houses. This kind of place is a good place for skydiving. Because there are few materials, most players will go to places with high resources, and a small part will choose urban areas for wretched development. Places with scarce houses like this are easily overlooked.

 3. Don’t rush into the safe zone

Novice players should not rush into the safe zone. The energy value will be 180 seconds when the safe zone is reduced for the first time. You can search for materials in the blue circle. Don’t worry at all. Drink a bottle when you see the energy value is lower than 40 seconds. Pain medicine is enough. Find a car and a barrel of gasoline while searching for supplies. It is safe to drive in when you brush the circle.

 4. Find a suitable hiding place

The safe zone will get smaller and smaller, and in each safe zone, one must look for the most hidden place. Don’t worry that the enemy will find you, stay quietly on your stomach, and listen carefully for the sound of the enemy’s footsteps.

 5. Lie in the grass

If the finals are compared, there is no house or warehouse to hide. Don’t be afraid, take off your brightly colored equipment and climb into the grass. Observe the surrounding enemies, and then wait for the enemies to exchange fire with each other. When there is only one enemy left, you can eliminate the enemy with confidence. If you are not sure, wait for the opportunity to win the championship.