PUBG Mobile Guide:5 tips for Bridge Block | PUBG Guide

1. Choose the right bridge

In the game, there are two bridges near the Novorepnoye and Sosnovka military bases. The enemy will definitely choose the closest route to the safe zone. You can choose which bridge to block according to the location of the safe zone. Be patient when blocking the bridge.

 2. Choose the right gun

The most suitable gun for blocking bridges is the M249 light machine gun. Because the normal main magazine of a rifle only has 40 rounds of ammunition with an expanded magazine, but this light machine gun has 75 rounds of ammunition by default, and it can have 150 rounds with an expanded magazine. If an enemy passes by, concentrate the firepower to hit the enemy, and the damage is very high. However, this weapon is slow to change bullets. Players should change the bullets before blocking the bridge, and remember not to change the bullets suddenly while shooting.

 3. Find a bunker and ambush

In the bridge head, in the middle of the bridge, and at the end of the bridge, there are discarded cars used as obstacles. You can use the cover to cover your body and use the range of perspective to observe whether the enemy is on the bridge at the end of the bridge. If you see the enemy on the bridge, don’t shoot in a hurry, or you will be exposed. The enemy will probably turn around and retreat. So be sure to wait until the enemy reaches the center of the bridge and you can go out and fire on the enemy when you are confident about it. In this way, the enemy must be flustered when it is attacked suddenly. This is the best time to attack.

 4. Bridge ambush

In the game, such a bridge can be up to the bridge. Players can jump over the frames on both sides of the bridge, and then they can slowly move to the bridge along the diagonal support frame. Generally, enemies who cross the bridge will not notice that there is an ambush on the bridge, so ambush on the bridge has a broad view. Do not hesitate to shoot directly when you encounter a player who is driving as long as you are in your field of vision. As long as the marksmanship is accurate, the chances of winning are very high.

 5. Seal the bridge with a vehicle

To seal the bridge with a vehicle, you must find two vehicles. You need to park the two vehicles sideways to a place where there are obstacles at the bridge head to seal the bridge head. After sealing the bridge head, the special forces can come to the center of the bridge, and then you can hide behind the obstacle in the middle of the bridge. When waiting for the impulsive enemy to collide with the vehicle, you can shoot.