Belisarius Commanders Guide: best strategy to talent trees&pairs|Rise of Kingdoms | PUBG Guide

Pairing recommendation

1. APelagius+ Belisariu

The skills of the two of them can make their defense power higher, and can resist more damage in the battle.

2. Belisarius + Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Cao Cao + Belisarius

Both of these combinations have high mobility, and are more suitable for attacking enemy mining forces and attacking barbarians. (When Belisariusattacks the mining unit, try to be the commander, and if there is Cao Cao, he will be the deputy commander)

3. Baibars+ Belisariu

Baibars’s cavalry attack bonus is coupled with Belisarius’ cavalry defense bonus, which makes this combination more balanced offensive and defensive, and can play a huge role in combat.


Due to the lack of offensiveness of Belisarius, he is destined to be unsuitable for frontal combat, so he is more suitable to assist his teammates, using his only two-second skill effect to interfere with the enemy’s high-damage cavalry combination, his advantage is hisspeed.

Talent building

Cavalry |Peacekeepinng |Mobility