PUBG Mobile tips and tricks: How to hide and win a battle royale | PUBG Guide

When the players successfully reached the finals in PUBG Mobileit means that the players are very close to eating chicken dinner. However, some players are not good at shooting at the enemy, so finding a hidden place to hide is a very effective way to win the game.Next I will share some tips about hiding.


When there is a house in the last circle, the first reaction of many players is to enter the house. This idea is very dangerous. Because if we enter the circle later, it is likely that the house has been occupied by players who entered the safe zone earlier. At this time, somewhere in the house, the enemy must have pointed a gun at you. So when we enter the house, we throw a few grenades into it. If there are people in the house, there will be footsteps.


Players can choose to hide in the grass on the edge of the safe zone or beside the trees. At this time, there is no need to worry about people coming from behind, just pay attention to whether there are enemies on the left and right sides. When found by the enemy, they should also change their positions flexibly, using trees as shelters to shoot at the enemy.